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Rock and Rawhide Gala @ the IHeartRadio Theatre (NYC)

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This past week I had a unique opportunity to be one of the photographers for the annual Rock and Rawhide Gala at the IHeartRadio Theatre in NYC. I'm glad to have gotten to know the Rock and Rawhide team and to learn more about their mission in helping improving the lives of shelter pets and increase adoptions. To find out more about their mission....

For me this event was also special (in addition to a good cause) because it was attended and supported by a couple people I've met over this past year's photography adventures. 

Skeery Jones, Sarah Barrios and Bethany Watson at the Rock and Rawhide Gala 2015.

One person who I was looking forward to seeing again was Sarah Barrios. We had first met at the BitterEnd in NYC as she performed with her good friends, The Brady Brothers. Sarah is an amazing talent as both a singer and songwriter. With just her voice and her guitar, she can own the room with her music. She quickly became one of my favorite people to stay in touch with over the past year. Keep a look out for Sarah on the upcoming season of American Idol!

And next is my huge thank you to Skeery Jones from Elvis Duran's Z100 morning show. If it were not for Skeery's introduction to the Rock and Rawhide team, I would not have had this opportunity to help support the Rock and Rawhide team for this amazing event. I have had the good fortune to meet Skeery at two previous fundraising events in Brooklyn. Thank you Skeery.

Below are some more photos with some of my new friends that I met that night.

Live from the State Theatre

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Recently I had the good fortune of being chosen by the State Theatre of NJ to photograph some of the upcoming concerts at the theatre. I couldn't have been love of music and photography were about to be combined into one amazing night. First up was Bobby Bandiera, an amazing performer who grew to fame as the guitarist for Southside Johnny and most recently Bon Jovi. I knew I would have my challenges as do all photographers when they cover live events. And like most, lighting is usually at the top of that list. Will the stage be too dark? Will the spotlight "blow out" the images and come out overexposed? But there is no way of knowing that ahead of time. Even getting there early for sound check doesn't fully prepare you for constant changing light conditions that will come with the live show. So all you can do is go on past experiences and your gutt as you start to focus in on the action. Click click click....then a quick check. A few settings adjustments and then right back at it. Click click click...oh wait, the stage lighting has changed. Back to the adjustments...and that's basically what the night had in store for me. As the night drew to a close, I knew I had captured plenty of images, but was anxious to get home and really check on which ones were the "keepers". 

Over the past year, I have covered a very wide range of events and with each comes its own unique challenges. I am glad I keep pushing myself beyond of my comfort zone. I welcome each and every new experience that comes my way.

So....who's next? Are you ready for your close up?