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A once in a lifetime opportunity...

Jeffrey AugerComment

Recently, I was chosen to be the photographer for a 2-day seminar in NYC. It was the usual town hall/meet the press type forum. But what was unusual about this event is that one of the guest speakers that would be attending—Dr. Henry Kissinger. Even though I'm not a big history buff I knew this was big! Even at 91 years old, he was as sharp as I remember seeing in old news clips. Hearing him speak was even more impressive than I could have imagined. Every word spoken was that of a wise man, able to sum up a difficult topic in a few words, but yet be so impactful in its delivery and meaning. I was expecting a "grumpy old man" type but was wrong on that one. He was smiling, enjoying the conversation and company he was in. When asking for photos he was more than accommodating. This encounter with him is certainly one of my career highlights.