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Buddy Guy at the State Theatre

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What an amazing night at the State Theatre. We all got to witness one of the greatest guitar players of all time. At 79, Buddy Guy continued to rock the stage for just about 2 hours. There was no stopping one of the coolest blues musicians on the planet.

House of the Rising Sun

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Eric Burdon performing  Water  at the State Theatre, New Brunswick NJ

Eric Burdon performing Water at the State Theatre, New Brunswick NJ

Recently, I had the good fortune to photograph one of the all time classic voices....Eric Burdon. You may better know him as the lead singer of The Animals. Even though decades have passed since the release of The House of the Rising Sun, it was a thrill to hear him sing it live. With the soul and emotions that the years and life experiences have brought to Mr. Burdon, i think the song is performed now better than ever. If you ever get a chance to see him perform, don't pass on the chance.

Are you ready for some football?

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From the sidelines at Monmouth University....just before I ran for cover.

From the sidelines at Monmouth University....just before I ran for cover.

Even with the temperatures hovering in the 90s, it's hard to not get excited about this time of year and what the coming weeks/months bring. Football, football and more football! Cider donuts, sweater weather, kids playing in the leaves and some would say Pumpkin Spice Lattes (even though i'm over it). Not only was this past weekend the start of the college football season, it was also the beginning of what looks to be a very exciting time for my photography adventures to continue. 

Below are some photos from the opener at Monmouth University. Thanks to Gregg, Catalina and the rest of the team at Double G Sports ( for some of these great opportunities. 

What are some of the things you are looking forward to most about the fall season?

Live from the State Theatre

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Recently I had the good fortune of being chosen by the State Theatre of NJ to photograph some of the upcoming concerts at the theatre. I couldn't have been love of music and photography were about to be combined into one amazing night. First up was Bobby Bandiera, an amazing performer who grew to fame as the guitarist for Southside Johnny and most recently Bon Jovi. I knew I would have my challenges as do all photographers when they cover live events. And like most, lighting is usually at the top of that list. Will the stage be too dark? Will the spotlight "blow out" the images and come out overexposed? But there is no way of knowing that ahead of time. Even getting there early for sound check doesn't fully prepare you for constant changing light conditions that will come with the live show. So all you can do is go on past experiences and your gutt as you start to focus in on the action. Click click click....then a quick check. A few settings adjustments and then right back at it. Click click click...oh wait, the stage lighting has changed. Back to the adjustments...and that's basically what the night had in store for me. As the night drew to a close, I knew I had captured plenty of images, but was anxious to get home and really check on which ones were the "keepers". 

Over the past year, I have covered a very wide range of events and with each comes its own unique challenges. I am glad I keep pushing myself beyond of my comfort zone. I welcome each and every new experience that comes my way.

So....who's next? Are you ready for your close up? 

"It's a Man's World" photo shoot

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I had the privilege to photograph Lindsay Lavin and Ilana Gabrielle. Both are amazingly talented singers who will be performing at 54 Below on March 28. It was a fun day of shooting in midtown. Nothing more fun than just exploring to see where these photos would take us. Be on the look out for more photos from the session . . . . coming soon!

You can also find out more about them at @ilanagabrielle and @lindslav on Instagram