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It started with a simple email....

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Over the past year I have had the privilege of photographing some wonderful events. This past week was, without a doubt, a once in a lifetime/career highlight for me. Having been chosen by Tic Toc Stop to photograph the likes of Jerry Seinfeld, Artie Lange, Joe Piscopo and many more amazingly talented comedians. The purpose of the night was to raise funds for Craig Carton's Tic Toc Stop Foundation. Their mission is to help kids and their families find a cure for Tourette's Syndrome and while doing so trying to improve the lives of those effected by the tics associated with Tourettes. The proceeds of the events all help pay for a study at the Univ. of Tenn. in addition to helping pay for children with Tourettes to attend a summer camp in Rhinebeck NY.

Joe Piscopo and Craig Carton

For a long time, I have wanted to become more involved in volunteering and having some of my talents used in trying to help others. My involvement with Craig and his group started with a simple email by me asking to help at a local event. Once there, I started meeting some of the team and immediately knew this was a group I wanted to support and be a part of. As impressive as the events have been, seeing Craig in action has left me with an even greater appreciation for him. Seeing how passionate he is about this cause and his tireless efforts in driving support for this cause has really made me feel a great amount of pride in being associated with this team. While helping this tremendous cause, I've been fortunate to make many new friends along the way and excited to see what adventures will come our way next.

Go ahead....challenge yourself and send that email or make the phone call to help support a good cause. You never know where it could lead me, I know!